Get Moving, Get Motivated

Get Moving, Get Motivated

Christmas celebrations are well and truly over, and the time has come to make (or break!) your New Years resolutions. Data has shown that 80% of resolutions fail by February. With unrealistic promises of daily training and salad for dinner, it's no wonder we quit so soon.

Fear not! We’ve put together some useful tips to help you get motivated and moving this January.

Incorporate a Weekly Weights Session

Load bearing activity like weightlifting can stimulate an increase in bone density (useful for the older endurance athlete) - compound exercises like squats and deadlifts are great for this. Muscle mass also tends to diminish the older we get, and strength training provides welcome stress on the body and activates the Type 2 (fast-twitch) muscle fibres that you generally neglect as a working triathlete! This can work wonders for your hill-climbing or increasing the power of your swim stroke.

Fuel Your Body With The Right Nutrients

It’s hard motivating yourself to get moving in January, but it’s a whole lot harder if you’re feeling fatigued through poor nutrition. Think variety. Whole fruits and vegetables in a variety of colours: leafy cruciferous greens like spinach or kale, deep reds like beetroot to aid blood flow and bright yellow peppers to support your immune system. Supplements like zinc, magnesium or vitamin B12 (especially useful for plant-based athletes) can also fight tiredness. Succumbing to a January cold can scupper your new year’s training plan, so do your body a favour and fuel it right!

Change Your Training Plan

Reinvigorate your routine with some new workouts. There are plenty of resources available online for turbo or treadmill based sessions. Zwift or TrainerRoad have plenty of ready-made plans if you’re after a bit more direction. Plodding through monotonous easy miles doesn’t do much to spark your excitement, especially in winter, so try breaking those longstanding habits and worn out training routes.

Don't Go It Alone

Exercising is far less daunting with someone encouraging you - or calling you out on lame excuses! Get your friends together for a Sunday group ride, meet at the pool before work or head down to your local Parkrun. If this isn’t convenient, there are plenty of virtual options. Share your sessions on Strava, and inspire those of us who weren't so quick to leave the couch!

Get a Coach

This one follows on from the last, only a coach isn't as easy to let down on a crisp winter's morning! If you're looking to step it up for the new year and take your performance to new heights, nothing matches the accountability of a paid professional. As a working triathlete, offloading the hassle of formulating a training plan can be a godsend and leaves one less thing to chance. Ask around at a tri-club or do a quick search on social media to find a trusted source.

Invest in a Fitness Tracker

Progress fuels motivation, in turn, fueling more progress. What better way to gauge your fitness than with a fitness tracker or GPS sports watch. Target key energy zones in your workouts, and eliminate the guesswork in the process. Providing Santa didn't deliver the goods this year, pick one up in the January sales. Even entry-level models from Garmin, Polar or Suunto have tremendous capabilities, tracking things like running rpm, altitude or swim stroke, as well as the usual distance/speed/time metrics. Be warned: it'll have you pacing the hallway before bed as you close in on your daily step count!

New Gear

Just like a new bit of tech can light the fire within, don't underestimate the power of some fresh fitness threads. In a recent survey conducted by Healthline, 9 out of 10 gymgoers stated that new kit helps them push themselves harder. Contrary to popular belief, motivation follows action - not the other way around. Sometimes all it takes is lacing up those sweet kicks, and before you know it you'll be pounding the pavement setting PBs.

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