Goggles; they’re tough, they give us ultimate visibility and they protect our eyes, and they are perhaps the unsung heroes of the water world. Whilst trisuits and wetsuits get all the glory, the humble goggles are most certainly an essential part of the kit that every swimmer needs. So, choosing the right ones for you, your style or your event is vital; It’s time to get geeky about goggles and find the right ones for you.

Why choose Zone3 Goggles?

At Zone3 we only offer great goggles, the differences come in the fit, style, and purpose. You can be sure to find a pair that fits you perfectly whilst never having to compromise on quality.

  • Comfort-focused

Every pair of Zone3 Goggles is designed with comfort in the water in mind. You shouldn’t have to struggle with your goggles during your swim; de-fogging, clearing water, enduring pain around the eyes and uncomfortable straps, these issues should be a thing of the past. We use ultra-soft silicone that is gentler on eye sockets and thoughtfully designed shapes for an even better fit to help reduce those annoying “you’ve been swimming haven’t you?” red suction marks that appear around the eyes. The flexibility and softness of the Zone3 Goggles also minimise the risk of serious injury in case of any accidents during a swim; whether in the pool or open water.

  • Fog-free as standard

Put the DIY de-fogging techniques and myths behind you. You don’t need toothpaste, shaving cream, baby shampoo or saliva anymore; every pair of Zone3 Goggles are designed with Anti-fog coating and UVA protection so you can rest assured that your eyes are safe, clear and protected during every swim whether you’re inside or out. Plus you will be totally free of irritation caused by overzealous shaving cream application! When you choose Zone3 Goggles, you choose kit you can rely on so you can save your time, energy and focus for when it counts, for every breath and to hone every stroke.

Which Zone3 Goggles?

Viper-Speed: For Speed and comfort

Available in lime/black and turquoise/blue  The Zone3 Viper-Speed are brand new to the Zone3 goggle range.  If you are looking for a performance goggle featuring a low profile hydrodynamic design, this is the goggle for you! Made from premium silicone, they ensure maximum comfort and durability during regular use. An ultraFAST quickFIT rear buckle system has been developed, which makes them ideal for training and racing in.


Aspect: For open water & pool swimming 

New for 2020 giving a whole new ASPECT to your swim. The very best compromise between an Open Water and Pool goggle which performs absolutely brilliantly in all conditions. To make it even better these goggles are available in 9 different lens options so are perfect for all conditions. Features include LUCID lenses, QuickFIT strap, and HORIZON wide lenses. 


Apollo: For open water & pool swimming

    Available in white with blue lenses or silver with smoked lenses. The Apollo Goggles are sleek, hydrodynamic in design and have both indoor and outdoor swimming covered with their Italian made lens options. So if you’re looking for some indoor goggles that will help to brighten up low light conditions, choose the White Apollo Goggles with Blue lenses. Whilst the Silver Apollo Goggles with Smoked lenses will protect the eyes in brighter conditions. They also conceal the eyes for a more focused swim, whether you’re racing or group training.


    Attack: For open water & pool swimming

      The Attack Polarized Goggles have been built for every swim. Whether it’s in the pool or open water, they’re suitable for low and bright light conditions whilst offering a reflective lens so you can stay focused and avoid eye-contact during group swims or training. They also feature a curved lens for optimum peripheral vision whilst also maintaining a stylish, low-profile design.  Discover the Attack Goggles with Photo-chromatic Lens If you love the sound of the Attack Goggles with their curved lenses and optimised visibility and you love open water or outdoor swimming you will love the innovative Grey/Black Attack Photochromatic Goggles; with patented photo-chromatic dye, the lenses automatically lighten or darken when exposed to UV rays. So no matter what the conditions when you start, these goggles will adapt their tint accordingly and ensure optimum protection and ultimate visibility until the finish. 

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      Vision Max: For open water

        If all-around visibility and comfort is what you’re looking for, you’ll love the Zone3 Vision Max Goggles. They offer 190-degree panoramic vision, unique curved lens, and low-profile mask design for reduced drag and light blue lens for optimised visibility in open water. Ideal open water goggles for swimmers looking for an alternative shape and seal; the Vision Max Goggles suction further away from the eye socket and have a wider seal that secures itself to the bridge of the nose.

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        Volare: For performance and racing

          Available in Green with Petrol lenses and Red with Silver Mirrored lenses The award-winning Volare Goggles are green, mean racing machines with petrol mirrored lenses and ultra-low-profile design. Despite their compact, low-profile and hydrodynamic design that has been built for action, they offer fantastic visibility, comfort, and customisation; They have a twin adjustable head strap and interchangeable nose pieces to ensure the best fit with zero leaking. In 2017, they won the 220 Triathlon magazine’s ‘Best on Test’ award with an all-mighty 92% rating. In 2018 they have already won Triathlete magazine’s ‘Best in Class’ award. So if it is performance you’re after, the Volares are winners.

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          Vapour: For style and comfort

            The Vapour are Zone3’s best selling goggle; award-winning in design and ultimate in all-around visibility and protection. Available in metallic gold, silver and blue, they feature curved lens technology for optimum vision, polarized lenses to suit indoor and outdoor swimming and adjustable straps for maximum comfort. These are perfect for the swimmer who loves to mix things up without the need to change their goggles. Discover the Tim Don signature Vapour goggles a limited-edition design, with Tim Don's signature on the side of the goggles, the Tim Don Vapours are a must-have for any triathlete inspired by his story.

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