ZONE3 Club Affiliate Program ZONE3 Club Affiliate Program

ZONE3 Club Affiliate Program

ZONE3 Club Affiliate Program

Introducing the ZONE3 Club Affiliation Program!

Is your triathlon club eager to enrich its off erings? Are your members on the lookout for exclusive discounts and premium tri gear ahead of the exciting 2024 season?

Look no further! Our Club Affiliation Program is designed to empower your members with exclusive site-wide discounts and irresistible deals that are reserved solely for our affiliated club members. Beyond a traditional sponsorship, we're committed to forming a collaborative partnership with your club, dedicated to enhancing the day-to-day experiences of your valued members. Our team takes immense pride in working hand-in-hand with club admins, offering personalized support through video chats and a promise of assistance within 24 hours for any queries or needs that may arise.

What sets us apart?

For three consecutive years, ZONE3 has proudly held the prestigious title of the official swim sponsor of USAT, solidifying our position as leaders in the triathlon industry. From cutting-edge swim gear to top-of-the-line triathlon essentials, our commitment to excellence and innovation is unmatched. We highly esteem our affiliated clubs and take a bespoke approach to tailor deals that perfectly align with each club's unique requirements and aspirations.

Why choose ZONE3 for your club?

Exclusive Benefits: Gain access to site-wide discounts and limited-time offers crafted exclusively for our affiliated club members.
Collaborative Support: We're not just sponsors; we're your partners. Count on us for personalized assistance, be it through video chats or prompt responses within 24 hours.
Industry Leadership: As the longstanding official swim sponsor of USAT, we continually set new benchmarks in the triathlon sphere, ensuring your club receives top-quality gear and unparalleled expertise.

Ready to join the winning team?

Whether you're seeking detailed information or simply a friendly chat to explore the possibilities, our Sports Marketing Coordinator, Jamie, is eager to assist. Feel free to reach out by filling out the form below or contacting Jamie directly at
Elevate your club's experience to new heights with ZONE3!