The Benefits of Joining a Triathlon Club

The Benefits of Joining a Triathlon Club

Training on your own isn’t nearly as fun as training with a group of like-minded triathletes. There’s no doubt that training alone does have its benefits and it’s perfect if you can find the motivation and discipline within you to power through your sessions. There are, however, some occasions where the thought of an early morning swim before the school run, an afternoon cycle in the rain or a late-night run after work just doesn’t seem so thrilling. Especially if you’ll be doing it on your own.
This is where the benefit of being part of a triathlon club plays a strong role, and why there are so many benefits to joining one.

New Friendships

Firstly, joining a tri club is the perfect way to find all those mad, likeminded triathletes in your area. It’s great for getting to know new people who have the same passion for triathlon as you do and it’s always good to tackle a triathlon event as part of a team, as attending your first triathlon can always be a bit daunting. Knowing you’re being backed by your club and having them support you all the way is really uplifting.

Social Scene

Another reason for joining a tri club is the social scene that comes with it. You’ll get to spend hours chatting during training (admittedly this isn’t done so much during the swim) and often, a triathlon club will organise social opportunities, such as dinners, club relays and an AGM (annual general meeting), which are the perfect opportunities to unwind and discuss all of those off-guard training photos taken throughout the year.

Extra Motivation

As well as all of this, being part of a tri club is a really great way to motivate yourself to get out and train. Having other people push you can really help you get fitter and improve on your performances. It’s a great way of keeping yourself going, knowing others are there right by your side and is as much pain as you are. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition during training, right?

Improve performance

Triathlon, incorporating three of the best sports, is an excellent way to get fit. In a club, you really get the chance to improve your own performance in the three disciples. As part of a club, you can gain benefits from the coaches advice and expertise, as well as the other triathletes which can really help you improve in the long run. This may be especially important in swimming, for example, where technique plays a massive role. Having coaches and other athletes watch and constructively criticise you and having those structured training sessions throughout the year can enable a big increase in performance.

Catering for all Abilities

Training clubs cater for all abilities, and everyone involved will have their own goals and objectives as they are the perfect way to really get into the swing of triathlon and have tonnes of fun. Joining a new club can be scary at first, as you become the ‘newbie’ but triathletes have a reputation as being some of the most kind-hearted and enthusiastic people out there and you’ll love having the chance to meet new training buddies. Next thing you know, you’ll be signing up for an Ironman.

Joining a tri club offers motivation, coaching, race day companions and the chance to build life-long friendships with people who’re just as dedicated to triathlon as you are. What’s not to love?