USA Triathlon and its Commitment to the Wider Multisport Community

USA Triathlon and its Commitment to the Wider Multisport Community

As official partners of USA Triathlon we are committed in working together to support and grow the multisport community. Over the course of this past year, our partnership has grown stronger and we're taking a closer look at some of USA Triathlon's fantastic programs and initiatives that are supporting the wider multisport community.
Supporting more than 4,300 events and connecting with over 400,000 members each year, USA Triathlon are the largest multisport organization in the world! Their commitment to providing leadership and support to elite athletes competing at international events is equally matched by their efforts to inspire a generation at the grassroots level of multisport too. Working directly with athletes, coaches, and race directors through its USA Triathlon Foundation, USA Triathlon are putting the right infrastructure in place to produce the next future stars of triathlon!

The USA Triathlon mission statement is “To grow, inspire and support the triathlon / multisport community”. The work directly with their partners, including ourselves at ZONE3, to work towards this mission.
At ZONE3 we support USA Triathlon mission in a variety of ways including; providing philanthropic support to the USA Triathlon Foundation to be re-distributed to worthy multisport programs across the US. We are also the official kit sponsor of the USA Triathlon teams, Para teams, and Junior teams competing at world championship events amongst the biggest and best fields in triathlon. Finally, we use our platform to educate and increase multisport participation across all levels and backgrounds by working alongside USAT and other professional athletes with their expert knowledge and inspiring journeys.

Take a look at some USA Triathlon’s initiatives to grow, inspire and support the multisport community across the nation:

1. USA Triathlon Foundation Grants

This year, the USA Triathlon Foundation committee awarded more than $100,000 in grants to support multisport initiatives and programs across 20 US states. The excellent and inspiring programs that were selected, embodied USA Triathlon’s guiding principles of service, excellence, collaboration, and inclusion. These programs are run by multisport heroes across the US, who are giving back to multisport as much as multisport has been able to give to them. The charismatic and inspiring multisport champions behind these programmes are focused on encouraging youth participation, inspiring adaptive athletes, and igniting Olympic and Paralympic dreams.

Since the USA Triathlon Foundation was founded in 2014, it has worked tirelessly with the US multisport community to grant more than $2.4 million to a variety or worthy causes and programmes. This is a staggering figure, and it encapsulates the great lengths that USA Triathlon and its foundation have gone to knock down barriers to participation and increase the size of the multisport community.

2. 2022 Return to Racing Youth Stimulus Package


The unprecedented and detrimental effects of the pandemic were felt by everyone and every institution across the globe, with the US multisport community being no exception. Events cancelled, pools closed, clubs postponed – USA Triathlon’s methods of supporting the multisport community were severely limited, particularly in its efforts encouraging participation amongst youth athletes.

In response to this, USA Triathlon has invested an amazing $100,000 into a 2022 Return to Racing Youth Stimulus Package, with the aim of driving youth multisport participation and creating a system where youth athletes can reach their potential. This package includes:

  • Free youth event sanctioning
  • Free youth clinic sanctioning
  • Free registration for youth clubs
  • 10 free youth memberships for every youth sanctioned race and youth club
  • Expansion of Youth Scholarship Program – USA Triathlon Foundation

The USA Triathlon Foundation’s Youth Scholarship Program enables members of the multisport community to donate USA Triathlon youth memberships. A $10 donation buys one youth membership and helps inspire the next generation of USA Triathlon leaders and athletes. Committed to excellent guidance in and out of the sport, the Youth Scholarship Program prepares youth athletes for their future exploits within as well as outside of multisport.

3. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access

Much like ourselves at ZONE3, USA Triathlon are dedicated to developing a culture that is inclusive and welcoming to people from all backgrounds and abilities. It is also committed to ensuring safe participation of all its athletes within USA Triathlon certified clubs and events. In partnership with the USA Triathlon Foundation, both organizations run programs and initiatives to combat the issues surrounding diversity, equity, inclusion, and access. Most recently, USA Triathlon has launched its ‘Pathways to Leadership Program’, with the aim to increase opportunities for underrepresented groups in USA Triathlon. Moreover, 2022 will be the first year ever that the USA Triathlon State Championship Series will have an event in all 50 states! This is a fantastic example of USA triathlon growing the sport ant providing greater opportunities. This championship will be the first of many where athletes competing will have an equal opportunity to compete at a championship event in their respective area and qualify for the season ender at the Toyota Age Group National Championships.



These are a few of the many examples of how USA Triathlon is working with the wider community to grow and support the opportunities in multisport. It’s safe to say that the future of multisport looks bright and at ZONE3 we look forwards to working more closely with USA Triathlon and its community!